Ernie, the yo-yoing hedgehog

E-man Yoyology

Karl G. Siewert

Tulsa, OK

AIM: yoyology

"Yo-yo performance and expertise"

Who is this E-man guy?
What does he look like?
Can he do tricks for me?
What is yoyology?
What's with the hedgehog?
I thought this dude was a librarian.

How did you find me?  I've hidden my page so well, with its unobtrusive yellow background and self-effacing giant logo.  Did I give you a business card?  Did you see one of my yo-yo shows?  Did you follow a link from my blog or hunt me down with Google?  Oh, well.  No matter how you got here, welcome to my little corner of the Web. Look around.  I hope you won't be disappointed.

If you're interested in having me do a yo-yo performance, please step this way.